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26 Pointless Things That Are Just Annoying

They were made to serve a purpose but when the people implementing them messed up at the one job they had, these useful things became pointless. Pointless things that then became annoying. Enjoy! 26 pointless things that are just annoying.
Banana guard for those bananas with a curve


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14 Images Of They Had One Job

Yup! They had only one job and they failed! A simple task that proved too hard for them or they are just dumb. Enjoy! 14 images of they had only one job.
Just describing the features

How would you even make that leap?

When you miss it!

Blue is the new Orange

Only, these bunnies have…

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Ultimate Funny Pic Dump [60 PICS]

Yup! We are gonna dump it all on you. Picture dump, pic dump whatever you call it, we have a sh*tload pictures that didn’t make any post but were uploaded anyway.
From Facebook fails, instant karma, doing it wrong, you had one job, Tumblr after dark, celebrities who look alike, comic ads,…

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15 Example of Idiots At Work

Can there be a warning signing stating “Idiots at work“, maybe there is one in some country and we should start using one too. The following examples of idiots at work show us that not only is the one job that they were doing they were terrible at it but made it into an impending…

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18 People Who Tried But Failed

Albert Einstein once said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything”. These following people may use this quote to defend their failures. Whether they were having a rough day, deliberately being a jerk, bitten by a squirrel and suffering mild symptoms of rabies…

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