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21 WTF Google Search Suggestions

Google auto-fills the words in wanna search when enough people have made the same search over and over. Before you can even type in 3 letters, Goggle is able to guess your search term. Though rare, sometimes these auto-suggestions come together downright lyrical. These are known as Google Poems…

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14 Magnet GIFs Displaying Surreal Magnetic effects

Magnets are undoubtedly one of the coolest materials and if a natural one is not available, we can always show off by making an electromagnet, which will always make us feel like a brilliant mind until we see the neighbour kid make a drone out of trash. These magnet GIFs shows how they can be…

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19 Of The Most Truly WTF Photos

Why is it like that? Who in their right mind would put that there? Are cats not suppose to do that? What’s going on? And usually, WTF? But you ain’t gonna get an answer or make a comprehensible guess because these images are truly fuc*ed! Enjoy! 19 of the most truly WTF photos.

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14 WTF Facts For You To Say WTF

These are truly some WTF facts from around the globe. From people believing they are invisible, artist who makes ant size arts, Canada and to the speed of your fart, Enjoy! 14 WTF Facts.
You are a wizard Harry!
Stare at people like this and you may become invisible too!
A man tried to rob a bank…

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18 Most WTF Random GIFs Just Looping

We all love animated GIFs, and I have said this more than often. GIFs are there to display moments of joy, hilarious fails, sudden road accidents and hot girls doing random things in slow mo and it keeps looping. What these following GIFs have captured, however, underlines weirdness, craziness…

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Images That Put You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Jumping over 80 dump trucks on a motorcycle, tightrope walking across the Grand canyon, space-walking & fixing the Hubble telescope at an altitude of 559 km while relying on those AMU with limited fuel and juggling 3 cats and 3 fireballs at the same time, will make most of us nervous and…

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14 Things Not Seen Everyday

The moment, place, things and weird coincidence captured in these images are not seen everyday. Well! Its debatable, considering how much time you spent on Reddit. These images are mesmerising, coincidental, weird, some just make you say “ewww!” and some would just make you shout out…

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