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Watch ’90s nickelodeon impressions by Brock Braker

Watch impressionist Brock Baker doing ‘90s nickelodeon impressions‘. His YouTube channel “Amazing Cartoon Impressions” features his amazing impressionist skills. Videos that include him dubbing over events such as presidential debates & movies, Superbowl…

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An Extreme Case Of Road Rage On Icy Road

As children, they never got in a bumper car. Watch the “Road rage” of two morons even though it’s quite clear that they were a victim of “weather condition“. The roads were covered with snow and they were driving big SUVs. What both of them forgot was that icy…

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Ted Cruz Bad Lip Reading video, “He eats hair”

U.S presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a tea party candidate, won his home state of Texas along with Oklahoma and Alaska on Super Tuesday. The comic geniuses of the hilarious YouTube Channel Bad Lip Reading with their latest installment in the Ted Cruz bad lip reading series may help Ted Cruz…

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