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10 Celebrities Who Look alike

Same eyes, same nose, same jaw line and even the same face, that’s why we are calling them lookalikes of each other. They are famous celebrities but you never thought that they looked so similar. Either their specific facial/physical characteristics is what got them into show biz or they…

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18 Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

Drawings of pin up girls display the beauty of female body which some consider corrupting societal morality and public sexual display of women but we love them anyway, they are artistic! And we also love cats because they are fur balls, cute, acts like the “synonym of innocence“ but…

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9 Celebrity Kids Who Look Like Their Parents

Pointing out the obvious, kids share characteristic traits with their parents. Kids may get the father’s brows, the mother’s lips, his nose, her ears, the Kardashian butt, the Kanye smile, the father’s vampire blood etc you know just like blending to images in Photoshop….

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Celebrities Who Could Be Twins

Are they twins who were separated at birth? Are they clones, used for research purposes, for instance on how a slight change in the jaw line can effect fan worshipping of total douche? Are they part of a special “gene pool”? And whatever happened to that clone of Lindsay Lohan? We…

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