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Next-Level Fantastic Facebook Cover Photos By Nikki

“Nikki” is the best. Who is Nikki? I don’t know and she is yet to reveal her last name. Why is she the best? Well, for being the best at choosing pop culture themed Facebook cover photos. Game of Thrones, Monty Python, Rick & Morty, The Room – all your TV shows and…

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If You Thought The Giant Florida Gator Was Fake

Few days back a giant gator or crocodile was spotted on a golf course in Buffalo creek, Florida. It was strolling all over the golf course, the many videos of this unusual incident show the gator to be quite bigger than we actually perceive or as seen in the wild. So, people are having doubts…

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10 Of The Best Fun Movie Facts

We all love movies and we all like to know what goes on behind the scenes. How did they create the lightsaber effect? RoboCop was far better in the 80s with real props like blood squibs, is Chewbaca CGI or animatronics in the Star Wars: the force awaken, is the Iron Man suit for real and other…

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Then And Now Of This And That

Time passes us by when we are watching those cat videos or arguing on how Marvel is better than DC. Decades later when we go down memory lane and compare how everyday objects, celebrities, comics, movie characters and technology around us has evolved from what it was back then, we realize we…

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