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10 Of The Best Cat Facts By Cat Vs Human

Here are some cool cat facts that are too true to be ignored. Yasmine Surovec, illustrates cat behavior at its hilarious best through her illustrations on her blog Cat Vs Human.
We all think we know how our cats behave or don’t. Cats are awesome! Right! Right? Just nod and agree, please….

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14 Most Amazing Movie Facts

Do you love movies? You think you know all about movies? I bet you didn’t know about these amazing facts about famous movies and the people behind it. Enjoy! 14 most Amazing movie facts.

The movie Gravity was more expensive than the Indian Mars mission. The movie’s budget was 100…

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10 Fun Facts For You To Think About

Enjoy! 10 Fun facts which will make you Google it to verify whether it’s true or not.
John Smith’s life

John Smith was a pirate, beheaded three Turks in jousting matches while fighting for the Holy Roman Army, and was enslaved in Russia until he escaped by killing his master. He…

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10 Interesting Movie Facts

You have seen these movies, enjoyed them and probably wondered “Leo deserves an Oscar! Why don’t they just give him an Oscar” … well! at least, till last February because he won one by killing a freaking bear. Enjoy! 10 interesting movie facts.

In the movie…

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10 Of The Best Fun Movie Facts

We all love movies and we all like to know what goes on behind the scenes. How did they create the lightsaber effect? RoboCop was far better in the 80s with real props like blood squibs, is Chewbaca CGI or animatronics in the Star Wars: the force awaken, is the Iron Man suit for real and other…

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14 WTF Facts For You To Say WTF

These are truly some WTF facts from around the globe. From people believing they are invisible, artist who makes ant size arts, Canada and to the speed of your fart, Enjoy! 14 WTF Facts.
You are a wizard Harry!
Stare at people like this and you may become invisible too!
A man tried to rob a bank…

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11 Fascinating Facts You Did Not Know

These are some weird, WTF fascinating facts you probably didn’t know or simply didn’t wanted to know. But we are gonna tell you anyway. Enjoy! 11 fascinating facts you did not know.
Robert Shepard, boy scout braiding came handy!

While waiting for his robbery trial, Robert Shepard…

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