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Next-Level Fantastic Facebook Cover Photos By Nikki

“Nikki” is the best. Who is Nikki? I don’t know and she is yet to reveal her last name. Why is she the best? Well, for being the best at choosing pop culture themed Facebook cover photos. Game of Thrones, Monty Python, Rick & Morty, The Room – all your TV shows and…

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18 More People Caught Lying On Facebook

We may not be cool in real life but we definitely want to appear cool online, especially on social media. To achieve this level of coolness some people just go too far. They could have just said the truth and came out okay! but they resort to lying. Usually these posts are silly and both parties…

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The Best Of Worst People On Facebook

These are some of the worst people on Facebook. They don’t care about showing off, acting stupid or hurting others with their inappropriate comments. Facebook gives them the opportunity to spit out their racist, egoistic, delusional, ‘I am the ruler of the world’ and…

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14 Images Of They Had One Job

Yup! They had only one job and they failed! A simple task that proved too hard for them or they are just dumb. Enjoy! 14 images of they had only one job.
Just describing the features

How would you even make that leap?

When you miss it!

Blue is the new Orange

Only, these bunnies have…

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9 Of The Best Facepalm Moments

“Trump may become the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee“, did that make you facepalm? Well, then we have more in store for you. People with their extraordinary stupidity and idiotic ingenuity shows their mind blowing acts only for their viewers to facepalm. Much like the idea of a…

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The Dumbest Dumb Facebook Posts

Facebook, home to the dumb people. These following Facebook posts and comments will make you realize you are Einstein compared to them. Enjoy! The dumbest dumb facebook posts and comments.
Dumb people and light bulb joke

“A lightbulb joke is a joke that asks how many people of a certain…

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11 People Getting Owned Online

They are ready to push you down the stairs, take your lunch money, throw your books down the hall, put your face in the toilet and flush it and bully you in anyway possible. But fortunately they are cyber-bullies and they can just use their mean comments. And they mostly come at Facebook……

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