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10 Of The Best Cat Facts By Cat Vs Human

Here are some cool cat facts that are too true to be ignored. Yasmine Surovec, illustrates cat behavior at its hilarious best through her illustrations on her blog Cat Vs Human.
We all think we know how our cats behave or don’t. Cats are awesome! Right! Right? Just nod and agree, please….

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18 Random Interesting Facts To Boost Your Knowledge

There are 5,048,315 articles on Wikipedia and it averages 800 new articles per day. So, you might have missed out on many random interesting facts, about individuals you thought you knew, history changing event, the animal kingdom, ongoing efforts to stop AI weapon system and that Deadpool has a…

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11 Times Bad Puns Gone Good Happened

In your head, the pun was hilarious, you probably giggled when you thought of it while everyone wondered “why again is he acting awkward”. You dared! and you spilled it out, like soda on your keyboard. It wasn’t the way you presented it, your timing wasn’t bad and the…

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